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Hi, This is Krishan Lal from Ambala. My daily practice is Pooja Path Hawan & Horoscope reading which I am doing for last 20 years. 

Astrology is a vast field of interpretation. My experience says everyone has problems in life but Almighty has given everyone a way for every problem. The doctor is for your health issues. Advocate is for legal issues. A builder is for your construction work. Farmer develops food & other necessary items for our routine life usable. An astrologer is a person who shows you the way you have to go.  The astrologer not only helps in your problem solutions but also give you positive energy with his Puja. A Pandit keeps your culture alive so we should always give respect them.

Being a pandit I have many things to do in life. Let me explain.

  • Puja Path & Hawan
  • Horoscope Reading for Marriage
  • Horoscope Reading for Career
  • Horoscope Reading for health
  • Horoscope reading for newborn baby
  • Full Horoscope Reading
  • Handmade horoscope reading of 40 pages

So this is what I do in my daily routine life. If you have some interest in my astrology services just hire me for your perfect horoscope reading & I am sure you will be surprised to find that how many things were hidden so far.

Horoscope reading cost always depends upon a person’s busy schedule. I do not work enough because the horoscope reading is a creative task in which you have to devote yourself to spirituality. Now it is your capacity how much capacity you have to interpret which comes from your daily routine life’s good work & deeds.

So this is all about me & my services. If something is there I can help you just give me a call. Here is my contact info.


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