Horoscope Reading for Marriage

All human beings think a lot about their life and sometimes even think about how much life has left me and try to know how many years I will live, according to astrology, all human beings are right It can be traced that death can tell about the difference in age, in the second seventh eighth house of the horoscope, you can find out about age, divide the age into three parts If the owner of the marriage and the owner of the eighth place is in the zodiac sign then the longevity is normal and the age of the eighth place is 14 and the second is stable or both, then the age is normal. The owner of the lower life Ascendant and the owner of the eighth house, if one is in the other two-pronged zodiac, then the age is low

When the owner of the sixth house is watching Ashok with the owner of the marriage, the person gets sick, which may cause the person to enter the hospital, if Saturn Mars is inauspicious in any place in the horoscope then it would be an accident. is

If there is an inauspicious planet in the second third house in the first horoscope of the horoscope, then the disease can get rid of soon if the inauspicious planet is in the fourth, fifth seventh eighth ninth house, the person may have a long illness.

If there is a sinful planet or an inauspicious planet in the second and outer sense of the horoscope and from which the sun moon is also affected, then the eye disease is such as weakening the eye, do not sleep, come water from the eyes etc. Chandra and Sun are in the seventh or sixth house If the inauspicious planet is studying vision, then person may soon get sick, if the moon of Mars is studying auspicious vision on the sun, then there are diseases in the life of a person. If the person is studying the inauspicious vision, then the person’s accident is surely a planet like Mars Saturn, or in the middle of a wedding, together with the ominous sight of the owner of the eighth house or the moon in the Sun enemy  or inauspicious vision If the marriage is on Mars, then the head is hurt and if there is a Saturn in the marriage, the injury in the head is done Guru Rahu or Guru Mercury If there is any relation between the price of the disease or the disease factor in any of the thoughts of the until person, then the person may have a problem with asthma. Chandra Ketu can be found anywhere, mental illness, diseases like madness, hemorrhoid etc., If there is anywhere in the horoscope, then Jawahar fever can cause respiratory diseases like Mangal and Saturn are together, then the person will be given a code accident or blood-related if any problem might be Venus and Rahu with a stone extreme disease may arise diseases like schizophrenia urinary disorders


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